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Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps

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SPICY Belly Does a Wedding Reception!!!!

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The Spicy Belly Now offer lunch catering and event catering. Inquire for pricing and availability. 

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Located in Philadelphia, The Spicy Belly is a adventure in fusion dining from Chef Jimmy Mills.

The Spicy Belly opened in January of 2017 and is located inside the Philadelphia neighborhood of Wissahickon, next to Manayunk, The Spicy Belly is a cultural fusion between traditional and contemporary Jamaican and Korean dishes brought to you by brothers, Owner Jason and Chef Jimmy Mills. The Spicy Belly offers a Fresh and Focused look into the delicious marriage of Jamaican and Korean flavors. The Creative food and vibrant atmosphere hopes to add to the growing food culture in its  historic Wissahickon and Manayunk neighborhoods of Philadelphia.



(215) 482 -2095



3847 Terrace St

Philadelphia PA 19128



Wed-Th 430p–11p

Fri 430p–2a

Happy Hr Tues-Fri 430-630pm

Sat 430p- 2a

Su 12pm–7p


Brothers, James and Jason Mills, are originally from New York City and bring their culinary vision and their take on a new cuisine to the Philadelphia area.  James is a self-taught chef with primary focus on Jamaican and Korean cuisine.  This magical food combination arose from their multiracial parents, with their mother being from South Korea and their father from Jamaica. Fueled by their parents’ home cooking, two brothers expanded their culinary visions and created an establishment to highlight their multicultural cuisine. After an eye-opening trip to Jamaica in 2011, the bold idea to bring their unique background to the table was born. Living in the nearby neighborhood of Manayunk, James and Jason saw this neighborhood as a forefront to introduce their food culture to its Philly natives.  

From our Jerk chicken tacos to our Kimchi pork belly lettuce wraps, the menu at Spicy Belly is designed to pay respect to the great features of Jamaican and Korean foods and ingredients.  Featuring traditional ingredients, simple and classic dishes from both culinary worlds are represented.  Likewise, the bar highlights fun and innovative flavors with its specialty cocktails, local wine selection and wide variety of beers. We pride ourselves being about to provide food options for the eclectic and the daring. From the first bite to the last drink, Spicy Belly hopes to bring a community together in enjoying tasty food and fun atmosphere.

    Chef - Jimmy Mills

Owner - Jason Mills


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